About Us


What is Jewellery Mumbai?

Hi, my name is Chandan and Jewellery Mumbai is an attempt by me who wants to bring the best of e-commerce experience to the Indian customers. You would find genuine products of leading brands here. Quality of service and privacy of our customers is top most priority for us.

Is Jewellery Mumbai a marketplace?

No, we are not a marketplace. All the products sold on Jewellery Mumbai are sold directly by us. We stock the products in our own small small warehouses, which ensures speedy delivery to our customers along with high level of quality checks.

Who we are?

I am just an individual who runs this all alone and have learnt everything on day to day basis by watching you tube videos and studying too many sites.

I am always interested in feedback from all my customers and non customers both. What my customers want next? Please feel free to write to us at info@uniqueshop.in